What we do

M3 is a company that offers training and support focused on the prevention of risk situations, team building and improvement of the professional environment. We specialize in the areas of prevention and risk management around violence in the workplace.


We distinguish ourselves through our unique approach: prevention in action.
Most of the training programs offered on the market is aimed at prevention upstream or interventions following problematic cases. M3 focuses instead on the in-between: the incidents themselves.


Improve the know-how of your team and develop their aptitudes and professional skills in decision-making in situations of risk.


Investing in the know-how generates certain benefits for the company.
Indeed, employees with activities to improve their skills, generally feel happier than others, have a better quality of life. All will be able to develop their critical sense and their ability to solve problems, develop their negotiation and communication skills. They will also have a better self-esteem.

Violence at work

Violence in the workplace is not just physical violence. This can take many forms, with words, gestures, understatements, rejection.


More than 67% of workers are witnesses or victims each year in Quebec, and this without the employer, the human resources are aware. Victims and witnesses of such actions are less productive at work. They are also prone to higher absenteeism. There is more risk to the error when carrying out their tasks.

Adapted trainingsAdapted trainings
Did you know?

reported cases of violence in the Workplace in 2014 in Canada, Study Finds.


Quebec workers have been victims or witnesses of a form of workplace violence, according to a survey.


of dollars, is the average annual cost of workplace violence for Quebec businesses.

The consequences
Economic impact on your business

Consequences have real economic impacts on your business. Each year, it costs you 20% of your payroll: expenses related to absenteeism, turnover, recruitment, etc.


M3 saves you 20% short-term cost. It’s immediately visible, measurable in time, realistic with the objectives of the company.


Of course, the results do not appear by magic, but by action and work.

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