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Have you ever analyzed the level of risk for your business in relation to the different forms of violence in the workplace?
Do you know the related costs?


With workplace violence on the rise, business leaders have become more aware of the protection of their staff.
Violence, whether inside or outside the workplace, can cause considerable damage to employee morale, increase work-related stress and decrease the overall level of harmony, not to mention the potential problems human resources and compensation.


Our training, conferences and interventions are innovative.
There are many very important and beneficial reasons why each company gets with our different training, namely:

• Allows you to acquire permanent and lasting skills, this is at least as important as first aid training.

• Our training related to self-defense as an educational tool has been demonstrated to improve discipline, morale and critical thinking of employees. They improve creative problem-solving skills and is excellent for strengthening work unity and improving teamwork.

• To increase productivity.

• To promote confidence, self-esteem and leadership.

• To promote good decision-making, a healthy lifestyle and self-control.

• To improve employee morale and show that the company cares for its employees.


The company is therefore more likely to realize a real and direct financial advantage!



About us

M3 is a professional training organization on the prevention and management of violence in the workplace.

M3 offers a full range of personalized training in the management of aggression and violence.
Training supervised by certified trainers with extensive field experience.


We stand out thanks to our unique approach: prevention in action.
Most of the training offered on the market is aimed at prevention upstream or interventions following problematic cases.
M3 focuses more on the in-between: the incidents themselves.


By improving the skills of your team, you develop their professional skills and competences in decision-making when faced with risky situations.

Our goals
Transmit a simple concept that has proven itself, to anticipate and defuse situations of aggression and promote the development and transmission of skills.
Fight against all forms of violence (including harassment) and allow everyone to learn.
.Violence in the workplace is more than physical violence. This can take many forms, with words, gestures, innuendo, rejection.

Adapted training sessionsAdapted training sessions
CrownDid you know?

reported cases of workplace violence in 2014 across Canada, according to one study.


Quebec workers were victimized or witnessed a form of workplace violence, one survey has found.


represents the average cost of workplace violence to Quebec businesses annually.

The consequences
Economic impactson your business

The costs associated with managing the consequences of workplace violence can be exorbitant and can be largely avoided.


Each year, more than 67% of workers witness or are victims of this in Quebec, without the employer or human resources being aware of it.

Proper pension planning and a small investment can help prevent potentially significant financial and personal losses in the future.


Because the consequences have real economic impacts on your business (expenses linked to absenteeism costs, turnover rate, recruitment, etc.)

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