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With workplace violence rise, leaders have become more aware.
Violence, whether in or out of the workplace, can cause significant damage to employee morale, increase work-related stress.


The company is therefore more likely to realize a real and direct financial benefit.


In addition to the main benefits of educating employeesin a practical, effective and self-defense program that includes awareness, psychology, verbal defense, legal rights etc …
There are many other reasons which each company obtains with such a program, namely:

• Provides permanent and sustainable skills, at least as important as first aid training.

• Self-defense training has been demonstrated to improve the discipline, morale and critical thinking of employees. It improves creative problem-solving skills and is excellent for strengthening the work unit and improving teamwork.

• Increases productivity.

• Promotes confidence, self-esteem and leadership.

• Promotes good decision-making, a healthy lifestyle and self-control.

• Improves employee morale and shows that the company cares for its employees.




About us

M3 offers training and support focused on prevention of high-risk situations, as well as team-building and improving conditions in the workplace. We specialize in preventing and managing risk relating to workplace violence.


Our unique approach of prevention through action sets us apart from the competition.
Most of the training programs offered on the market focus on upstream prevention or intervening after these issues arise.
Instead, M3 focuses on the crucial mid-point, i.e., the incidents themselves.

Violence in the workplace

Violence in the workplace is not limited to physical violence alone. This phenomenon can take many forms, including words, actions, innuendo, and ostracization.


In Quebec, over 67% of workers either witness or are victimized annually, without the employer or human resources becoming aware of these incidents. Victims and witnesses of such actions are less productive, prone to higher absenteeism, and make more mistakes when discharging their duties.

Adapted training sessionsAdapted training sessions
Did you know?

reported cases of workplace violence in 2014 across Canada, according to one study.


Quebec workers were victimized or witnessed a form of workplace violence, one survey has found.


represents the average cost of workplace violence to Quebec businesses annually.

The consequences
Economic impactson your business

These consequences have real economic impacts on your business. Workplace violence can cost you 20% of your overall annual payroll in absenteeism, turnover, recruitment, etc.

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