Who are we

M3 Prevention

M3 offers training and support focused on prevention of high-risk situations, as well as team-building and improving conditions in the workplace. We specialize in preventing and managing risk relating to workplace violence.


M3 was created in 2017, when it took over the business activities of Privatecoach, which launched in 2007. Since then, the company has adopted a new structure and organization to provide a range of services designed for and adapted to the needs of its Canadian and European customers.


Founded on a comprehensive approach based on knowledge and self-control, M3 is committed to providing training, coaching, and advisory services, with the ultimate goal of making workplaces healthier.

Our core values

– Working collaboratively with our clients to achieve their goals;
– Engaging all stakeholders through open, honest communication;
– Making informed decisions to ensure we’re doing the right thing;
– Demonstrating a sense of urgency in moving from awareness to action;
– Creating a culture which rejects complacency, and strives to create added value and enhanced relationships;
– Generating opportunities for growth and development for all team members.

Our market

We spend most of our lives at work. A safe workplace fosters respect, creativity, loyalty, commitment, and productivity. If it fails to do so, lack of trust, fear, conflict, and limited productivity begin to grow.


In Canada, an investigation in reported cases of violence revealed that:
– 17% of cases of sexual assault, theft and physical assault occur at work;
– 38% of violent assault cases are committed by a former or current colleague, or other persons known in the workplace, such as patients or clients;
– People who experience bullying at work report numerous psychological consequences, including anger (21%), worry, confusion or frustration (20%), and fear (15%).

Workplace violence is not limited strictly to your business premises. It can also happen in other locations, including:
– As part of external business functions such as trade shows, conferences or major meetings;
– On social occasions, particularly during the holiday season, or activities to promote team bonding;
– At home, either at a client’s or in your own home (e.g. receiving a threatening phone call from a former colleague).

Employers and employees both play vital roles in eliminating all forms violence in our workplaces.

Our team

Whether large or small, every workplace must be safe. Prevention is everyone’s business: workers and employers. Our experienced trainers are among the best in the industry.


We work in partnership with you to guide you and ensure the foundational changes necessary for success take root. We implement these changes through carefully-tailored training methods and approaches that are unique to us. Our results-based solutions are measurable and influence the market. We provide the tools and methods for which M3 is widely recognized; they will encourage you to think of us as the ideal solution to meet your needs.


With the advice provided by our team of specialists, you’ll feel stronger, more confident, and better able to protect and defend yourself in most instances of workplace violence.


All our trainers are accredited by the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail to deliver training activities.